What is Untitled Game Jam?

Untitled Game Jam is a game jam that is hosted throughout each month every two weeks. Each jam starts on Friday @ 12:00a.m and last for 10 days and will ends on Sunday night @ 11:59p.m. As well as have their criteria that are met during the game jams.
Try a new mechanic for a prototype, or make a game. It’s totally up to you!!


Untitled Game Jams are usually held throughout each month. Starting on Friday @ 12:00a.m until Sunday @ 11:59p.m

Great!! Jam solo or Squad up and always have fun. Let’s get jamming 🙂

The theme is required during each game jam.

Most Definitely!! Post it either on Twitter using #UntitledGameJam or post it in WIP on the discord channel. 

Any Engine can be used when making your game or prototype. Here are a few game engines if you need help finding one.

You are more than welcome to join the game jam at any time. The whole goal is to at least try something new.

Currently the game jam is hosted online, but maybe in the future it be hosted somewhere 🙂

Online assets are ok to use. Just be sure to credit work where credit is due.

During each game jam the #1 chosen game will be featured on Untitled Games Of Fame!!

Themes can be suggested in the discord channel under #theme-suggestions.

Themes will be voted on discord the day before the game jams starts

We normally stream all game submissions on Wednesday’s @ 10:30ish pm EST. If there are quite a bit of submissions we will stream two parts Wednesday (Part1) & Thursday (Part2).

Our Team

Meet the Untitled Game Jam team that made it all happen!!!

Untitled Games of Fame

UGJ#35 Winner

The Minigame Gameshow is a gameshow of minigames where the victor gets a crown. There are bricks, spikes, lava, and more that will try to kill the player. Through dodging, jumping, and maneuvering, the player can reach the end. There are 4 mini games in total. Good luck!

UGJ#34 Winner

You have control of a bomb, evade anti air and try to get the highest death toll in a procedural city. More info in game menu.

UGJ#33 Winner

A puzzle game with mechanics based on ever-changing keyboard controls.

UGJ#31 Winner

“Nice day to open some doors, gay Luigi”

Our hero (?), Mart, is looking for his princess (?) because an evil villain (?) has kidnapped her! Apparently, looking for a princess involves opening all the doors in various hotels, so Mart sets out to do just that!

UGJ#31 Winner

Zombies spawn in waves. Each wave adding to the total number of zombies per wave and each zombies health.

Kill zombies to get more cash to buy your way deeper into the house to find more weapons. Opening a door will open a new area of the house, but will also create a new way for zombies to break in.

UGJ#30 Winner

Cup Of Coffee

UGJ#32 Winner

In this short game you can move and rotate cubic ninja to knock down his enemy. You are gonna face with different obstacles. To pass these obstacles you need to use keys inside the game.

UGJ#29 Winner

Zen’s Square is a calm puzzle platformer, developed during the Untitled Game Jam #29. It’s a tiny little game for you to relax after an exhausting day. The gameplay is short, with just 6 levels it won’t take long. So why not give it a try.

UGJ#28 Winner

This is my first game jam and first game I ever finished.
I’m feeling proud of myself that I finished it even if it was a small game

UGJ#27 Winner

Hey! This is our submission to UGJ #27 as “Zebel Games”. All controls are shown in-game. We hope you enjoy the game!

UGJ#26 Winner

Roll the magic ball into holes to unlock a parallel world!

UGJ#25 Winner

It’s a side scrolling platformer game where you play as a girl fighting dolphins coming from outer space.

UGJ#24 Winner

Hang out at the old arcade, play a few retro favorites

UGJ#23 Winner

Turn Based Card-Strategy Fighting Game!


This was our first project, we worked hard to learn new things and make this a funny game. Hope you like it!


you simulate a rectangle Subject which started with just moving gaining new abilities during the course of the expiremental lab with your Strawberry Companion and try to escape to get your Freedom.


Shoot your way through a never ending assault of mechanical menaces. Evolve and Upgrade your guns as you defeat other robots.


Run a ritual puts you in the boots of an evil cult leader. You must keep the ritual running by collecting candles and relighting them as they go out. Your enemies will try to stop you by blowing out your candles. Push them off screen and quickly relight any candle they destroyed. Don’t let all five candles go out… or else.


So, here’s the problem: your spaceship has no more fuel for an interstellar jump and you’re lost in space in a hell of place full of blackholes.

You need to avoid those motherfuckers from sucking you towards them. Gather all the blue energy matter you find around and jump the hell out of there as soon as possible.

You need 10 matters of blue energy to use the interstellar jump.
But be careful, gravity is tricky nearby those blackholes, use wisely your boost.
Check the HUD and pay attention to your engine heat: if you overheat it next to a blackhole, that’s certain death.


Unfinished, zero gameplay, just a prototype.
Included downloadable source for GMS 1.4


Break rocks, trees and enemies with your explodey-gun to gather resources! Try to survive 10 days!

Devoured by Darkness


This is just a demo for PC, this game will be full released on mobile soon


A simple RPG.


You control a ship in a tunnel and you must avoid walls.


Stranded in space, hack bombs to collect fuel to survive as long as possible.


This is a game about a cube who is sent through tests by the cruel government in order to maintain a perfect society.


Stop messing around at your desk and get to work….
There are things to be done and you just keep playing around with those little tools of yours.


Protect your farm against enemies using your own farming.

UGJ#9 Winner

All families have skeletons in their closets.

Did you know: When you learn that a loved one has died, you might attach strong memories not only to the place they passed away, but also to the place you were when you heard the news.

UGJ#8 Winner

the soulmate search

UGJ#7 Winner

Navigate the mazes on the floor in each room. If you make a misstep, the gate at the end will close and you have to move back to the start of the room.

UGJ#6 Winner

What happens when Farming meets Local Versus? Find out?

UGJ#5 Winner

This project is very much unfinished but will be getting an update in the next day to fix some of the functionality. Created this mainly to test around with farming mechanics.

UGJ#4 Winner

A suspense game made in RPG Maker MV made for Untitled Game Jam!

A single room. Many dreams.

UGJ#2 Winner

You’re a school janitor just trying to get by with an evil principal who does not respect you.

UGJ#1 Winner

Reach the exit with limited movement.

EWGJ#9 Winner

Cyber-security, Torrent Downloads, Your Ex’s Facebook, it’s all possible on the SuperNet. What if the planet was searching for a way to communicate? What if you were asked for help, Would you put those hacking skills to use? Cyber actions have real-life results and actions have consequences. Choose Wisely

OWLGJ#4 Winner

This was made for the Even Weekend Game Jam. Hope you all enjoy

EWGJ#8 Winner

a day in the strange life of an angry box

OWGJ#22 Winner

Click to eat pizza with the combo of toppings shown in screen. Made for Even Weekend GameJam 7

EWGJ#7 Winner

Explore my apartment and interact with cats. You might just learn a thing or two from them. Don’t forget to turn on the speaker for some rad tunes created by Wiz_Rad. Game is far from finished and does not have much of a goal yet

EWGJ#7 Winner

Equalim is a quick action game, made in 2 days for the Even Weekend Game Jam 6

EWGJ#6 Winner

An level based, arcade style top down shooter with unique mechanics made by bluzi#4441 (sounds by robneubauer#5323) for the third Odd Week Long Game Jam. The limitation was mouse only and the theme was Science Fiction. The theme inspired the aesthetic of the game.

OWLGJ#3 Winner

This is the story of a child. Abandoned in the first steps of their life, they escape reality in their dreams. This virtual journey will teach them to look forward and accept to be someone else than their parent’s kid. They’ll have to go through a maze of hardships while being guided by their parents in the form of a benevolent bell . Will they be able to let go to reach their goal?

OWGJ#16 Winner

Create candy bars and serve them up to customers but watch out for the timer under the dialogue box. When the time runs out the customer will grab the candy bar before you are ready.

OWLGJ#2 Winner

Help the red jelly bear escape the jelly maze using only the mouse and avoid hitting the blue jelly bears.


Shoot your way though a strange maze. Collect guts from your enemies and feed them to the chests to unlock rad power ups. Can you escape from the maze?

OWGJ#10 Winner

In Everybody Picks you will be controlling a hand going though a nose canal trying to find boogers. Move your way though the maze and you might find some treasure at the end.

OWGJ#7 Winner

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